About Autosaver
As a company, Autosaver was formed in 1988 to complement and expand the well established operations of Autosaver Queensland. Since the early 1960's, the primary focus of Autosaver has been toward highly technical, industrial, anti-corrosion systems and similar protective treatments - a field which naturally demands only the highest standards in both product and application technology.

Being a part of the international Autosaver network, Autosaver Queensland is able to access the very latest research data and technological advancements in anti-corrosion systems, as well as being able to secure global supply arrangements where necessary.

Examples of companies who have utilised the services of Autosaver Queensland include:

Caltex Refineries Ltd
Brisbane Airports Corporation
Gladstone Port Authority
Howard Smith Industries
Qld Alumina Limited
Austa Electric
Comalco Limited
Boyne Smelters Ltd
Mount Isa Mines
Dept of Natural Resources
Main Roads Department
Department of Defence
Hastings Deering
Volvo Construction Equipment
Detroit Diesel Allison
IOR Energy Pty Ltd


Department of Defence


Hastings Deering


Abbot Point Bulk Coal


Brisbane Airports Corporation

Our signature phrase "the power to protect" is representative of the strength of the Autosaver Group of Companies, in terms of our successful business history worldwide, our professionalism in all operations undertaken, and of our expertise as a supplier of anti-corrosion treatments and other protective systems.

Several years ago, Autosaver identified a significant growth opportunity existing in the automotive industry in Queensland. After researching the market and reformulating our industrial-quality technology to better suit automotive vehicles, we secured many franchised car dealership accounts in the regional areas of Queensland.

Autosaver - under the Crystal-Shield and Auto Saver System banner - has now grown to be known as an innovative market leader in after-market services throughout Australia and is now positioned to continue that success throughout the automotive industry.