How the Auto Saver Premium Paint Sealant Works
Left unprotected, your paint will be subjected to the sun's harsh rays, pollution and other harmful elements. The result is dull, faded paint that makes your car look prematurely old!
Auto Saver Premium Paint Sealant is engineered to preserve clear coat automotive painted surfaces against the damaging effects of heat and environmental pollution. Auto Saver Premium Paint Sealant makes exterior painted surfaces easy to clean and keep in new showroom condition.




Auto Saver Premium Paint Sealant is a scientifically advanced process that provides a permanent treatment to modern clear coat vehicle paint finishes and provides exceptional protection against environmental hazards.

Auto Saver Premium Paint Finish protects clear coat painted surfaces through a process known as "electrophoresis dynamics". This is a chemical application of the bar magnet principle and step one of the process puts a positive charge on the vehicle's painted surfaces. The "anionic" PTFE (Teflon®) is negatively charged and through this process, it is pulled into the pores of the paint.

Only PTFE (Teflon®) formulated in an anionic aqueous solution can seal the painted surface of a vehicle in this manner. Auto Saver Premium Paint Finish is the only system that has been engineered to solve all of the problems and preserve clear coated painted surfaces for many years without the need for regular retreatments.