How The Super Auto Saver Electronic Rust Protection Works

The Super Auto Saver System is designed specifically for new and used 4WDs and other larger vehicles and incorporates the same start of the art technology as the Auto Saver System.

The Auto Saver System is designed with integrated circuits and silicone chips. This electronic breakthrough monitors and responds to changes in humidity, plus other factors that lead to corrosion in your vehicle.


No chemical spray on coating can do this. Traditional chemical rustproofing can leave many inaccessible areas untreated such as the roof and the external sheet metal. At best chemical rust proofing can only offer you rust protection to 30% of the total sheet metal surface area of your car leaving the majority of your car vulnerable to the effects of corrosion.

The Auto Saver System is patented and provides 100% coverage of all grounded sheet metal surfaces. The Auto Saver System will protect your car from perforation corrosion from the inside out and the outside in. Salt and pollutants combine with water and humidity to create a kind of diluted battery acid. When this acid comes in contact with metal, an electrical imbalance causes rust to occur

The Auto Saver System provides an artificial barrier of electrons to restore the electrical imbalance that occurs at potential rust sites. These electrons build up those areas where the metal has been exposed to the elements and inhibits the rate at which the rust will naturally occur.