The new aftermarket revenue stream
for car dealers

A better way to fight corrosion.

Installation can be done quicker than this countdown!








Are you looking for new aftermarket sales opportunities in your dealership?

The NEW Auto Saver OBDOI is simply a better way to fight vehicle metal corrosion and is now available to dealers to increase revenue after the sale.

Installation takes just seconds!

As a world first, the Auto Saver OBDOI eliminates the need for ugly wires, incorrect installation, specialist installers and cuts the installation time down to mere seconds.

No Programming is required!

The Auto Saver OBDOI’s advanced ‘plug and play’ design plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBDII port in the passenger compartment instead of in the engine bay; it is safely away from moisture, heat or physical damage with no programming required.

Additional Revenue

Labour savings costs and reduced turnaround times increases profitability. The Auto Saver OBDOI can even be fitted on the showroom floor in seconds; almost immediate turnaround with no delays.

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So how can the new auto saver OBDOI bring in additional revenue for my dealership?

Government compliance agencies and consumer groups are making it more difficult for Car Dealers to generate profit from finance and insurance type products and inevitably this leads to loss of revenue for the dealership.

Over the years, there has been a tendency not to sell rust proofing products and to concentrate mainly on the appearance type such as paint sealants, window tinting and interior protection.

Rustproofing was once an important revenue source but with the combination of application issues, OH&S and environmental regulations, rustproofing using petroleum based products started to disappear. To some extent, the electronic form of rustproofing replaced some of this lost revenue but it is now also under threat from government and consumer agencies who are attempting to have companies selling these products validate their claims as to their effectiveness in reducing corrosion.

Additionally, currently available systems rely on technologies that are quite old or are merely copies of existing units and combined with the difficulty of fitting these systems in the engine bay of modern vehicles, it makes it a questionable proposition as to whether the dealer sells the product or not.

The Auto Saver System OBDOI Corrosion Protection Unit was developed specifically to restore rust proofing as a vital dealer aftermarket profit centre without the normal issues with electronic rust control devices.