About the autosaver systems

A better way to fight corrosion.


The Auto Saver Systems have been manufacturing Electronic Corrosion Protection devices since 1989 and were the first to develop and Patent a system specifically designed for motor vehicles; US Patent No: 5,407,549.

This device was an electronic cathodic protection system for impressing a flow of electrons throughout the metal body of a motor vehicle in conjunction with an electrically conductive paint sealant that helped the flow of the electrons supplied by the electronic cathodic protection system to cracks, scratched, chipped and other corrosion prone areas throughout the painted sheet metal body surfaces. 

The Auto Saver has been subjected to rigorous testing by various entities and laboratories to prove the claims regarding reducing corrosion rates.



In the early 1980’s, the California Air Resources Board developed the first on board diagnostic (OBD) system. This system at the time was useful to monitor and track emissions but didn’t supply any other information about other major functions of the vehicle.

As engines became more complex, it became necessary for vehicle manufacturers to develop a more efficient method of monitoring and diagnosing complex electronic component problems.

This led to the now familiar 16 pin OBDII or OBD2 port and was made mandatory for all new vehicles by the United States Government in 1996 with the standard now recognised universally by all vehicle manufacturers of motor vehicles and light trucks.

Thanks to Auto Saver, vehicles can now be protected from rust by simply connecting the Auto Saver Corrosion Protection OBDOI Unit directly to the vehicle’s OBD port.

Comparision – ‘Wire Less’ OBDOI Auto Saver System VS ‘Wired’ Electronic Control Units