Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Saver Systems – Electronic Corrosion Protection Since 1989


Why is OBDOI Auto Saver Electronic Corrosion Protection better than chemical rustproofing?

The Auto Saver System is more effective than chemical applications because electronically the entire vehicle sheet metal is protected and the protection is not dependent upon the quality or quantity of the chemical used nor the standard of the application.

Will the OBDOI Auto Saver System work with chemical rustproofing?

Absolutely! The Auto Saver System unit will improve and enhance any chemical system.

Does the OBDOI Auto Saver System system stop rust forever?

With nature, nothing can stop a compound from wanting to return to its natural state. Steel is a combination of iron ore and additives and has a natural tendency to want to return to its base form. This is known as the rusting process. There is no known product that can stop rust forever. What this unit is designed to do is extend the normal life expectancy of a vehicle’s interior and exterior sheet metal surfaces by slowing down the corrosion process through the use of a carefully managed electric current.

Will the OBDOI Auto Saver System protect the entire vehicle?

The Auto Saver System will effectively protect all body panels that are earthed to the vehicle’s electrical grounding system. In essence, all earthed body panels on a vehicle would be protected by the Auto Saver.

What size vehicle will the OBDOI Auto Saver System protect?

The Auto Saver System unit will effectively protect all vehicles fitted with a mandatory OBDII port and a 12 volt electrical system. This will cover most standard sedans, wagons, SUVs, 4WDs, utes, vans and light commercials manufactured after 1996.

Will The OBDOI Auto Saver System system drain the vehicle’s battery?

No, The OBDOI Auto Saver System uses only 24 milliamps which is approximately the current used by the electronic clock in most new cars.

Will the heat from the engine affect OBDOI The Auto Saver System?

No. Unlike all other electronic corrosion control systems, the Auto Saver OBDOI is fitted inside the vehicle away from heat, moisture or physical damage.

How do you know that OBDOI The Auto Saver is working?

The OBDOI Auto Saver System is designed with a visual display. Proper operation is indicated by a blue LED light sensor system that you can easily monitor at any time from inside the vehicle. The Auto Saver OBDOI can also be tested ousing the Test Probe Unit.

How often should the OBDOI Auto Saver System be checked?

It would be advisable to have have a service technician visually check for proper operation during normal servicing. It is advisable that the units should be checked at least once a year regardless of kilometres travelled.

Does The OBDOI Auto Saver System contain any serviceable parts?

No. In the event of premature failure, during the warranty period, simply contact Auto Saver.

How does The OBDOI Auto Saver System System protect a vehicle from rust?

Rust can occur on any make or model car when the rolled steel of the painted exterior metal is expose to moisture. By utilising The Auto Saver Patented process, the steel is protected by impressing free electrons to the surface of the metal to take the place of lost electrons during the rusting process. The Auto Saver System is known as an Impressed Current Corrosion Protection System.

How does the impressed current device operate?

The device is designed to enrich the metal with electrons provided by the power of the vehicle’s battery. The amount of current used is equivalent to what is used by an electronic clock that is installed in most new vehicles today. Utilising this small amount of energy is done in the circuit design of the unit’s OBDOI module. This module comprises a power generating and regulating circuit that impresses 24 milliamps of current through the grounded vehicle body by utilising the vehicle’s existing electrical circuitry. It is generally accepted by corrosion scientists that 10 milliamps of current is sufficient to inhibit the corrosion process.

Is The OBDOI Auto Saver System system effective on older used vehicles?

The Auto Saver System OBDOI will effectively operate on all vehicles manufactured from 1996 to present providing that the standard OBD-II port is available and has a 12 volt electrical system. However, the condition of the used vehicle at the time of installation will dictate the quality of protection provided.

Will The OBDOI Auto Saver help a vehicle with advanced stages of rust?

No. If the corrosion or rust is well advanced , The Auto Saver System is not snake oil and is no remedy for this type of corrosion. Although, if it is possible and economically justifiable to weld new metal patches into place then The OBDOI Auto Saver System corrosion protection would help prevent corrosion from reoccurring in these areas.

Will installation of The OBDOI Auto Saver System affect any vehicle's manufacturer's warranty?

If the unit is installed properly, and as it does not work through the vehicle’s ECU, there should be no problems with any vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Has independent testing been performed on The Auto Saver System Rust Control System?

Yes. The Auto Saver System testing and approvals include: United States Patent number 5,407,549; ACT Test Laboratories, U.S.A.; Material Characterisation Laboratories, U.S.A.; Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) associated test results; Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Quebec (CRIQ) Testing Laboratories Canada. ISO 9001 certified; 1987 Certificate #167-0075-18 and the testing activity (ESSAIS) is submitted to the Standards Council of Canada, registration #138. The equipment and instruments used in the tests were checked and/or calibrated. The calibration certificates are all traceable to standards of the National Research Council Canada (CNRA) and/or the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the United States, ASTM B117-94; Approved by the Austrian Technical Control Board (TUV) EU- Authorisation Number e12 02 0025 pursuant to Directive 95/54/EC.

Can The Auto Saver System be installed in any vehicle?

Yes, The Auto Saver System can be installed to any steel or aluminium-bodied car with a 12 volt electrical system with a negative ground and with an OBD-II compliant port.

Is The Auto Saver System suitable for 4 Wheel Drives and SUVs?

Auto Saver is suitable for 4 wheel drives, however, consideration should be made as to the type of environment that the vehicle will be operating in a continual basis. Electronic Corrosion Protection on vehicles is designed to slow down the rate that corrosion occurs, and whilst The Auto Saver will work in aggressive conditions it may be worthwhile to consider using a chemical based underbody system in conjunction with the Auto Saver if the vehicle is constantly exposed to aggressive environmental conditions. such as continual beach or mining use where the underside is exposed to excessive impact and abrasion.

Will Auto Saver prevent rust from forming on bare metal?

Automotive electronic corrosion protection is designed to slow down the rate at which corrosion occurs. If there is a scratch or chip in the paintwork and the bare metal is exposed, it may take some time for corrosion to form. Depending on environmental conditions, light surface rust deposits will be noticed, however, this rust will be relatively stable and the excess electrons produced by the Auto Saver device will prevent the rust from developing into the pitting type of corrosion.

What makes The Auto Saver System different from other similar products?

Here are just a few of the reasons that makes The Auto Saver OBDOI System better, and in our opinion the best electronic corrosion protection system available:
1. The Auto Saver OBDOI is a unique ‘plug and play’ wire-less corrosion protection device.
2. The Auto Saver OBDOI can be installed in seconds without any specialist knowledge, tools or wiring.
3. The Auto Saver OBDOI is the latest technical development of Impressed Current Corrosion Protection for vehicles.
4. The Auto Saver OBDOI incorporates proven electronic corrosion reduction technology.
5. The Auto Saver OBDOI is sold worldwide.
6. The Auto Saver OBDOI has been tested by recognised International Testing Authorities.
7. The Auto Saver OBDOI has low current output requirements.
8. The Auto Saver OBDOI is proven to effectively reduce corrosion rates.
9. The Auto Saver OBDOI has a Lifetime Product Warranty to the original owner.
10. The Auto Saver OBDOI presents additional profit opportunities.